Call for Abstracts

Guideline for Presentation

  • Oral Presentation

    Presentation Schedule ㆍOral Presentation Time: 7 min. Presentation & 3 min. Q&A
    Language ㆍEnglish
    Basic Rules ㆍPresentation Slide Ratio: 16:9 screen format
    ㆍFont: Use a common font, such as Arial, Times New Roman, Verdana etc. (special fonts might be changed to a default font)
    ㆍIf you don’t use a basic font, the contents of the file may look broken in the Preview Room & Session Room.
    PPT Template [Download]
  • ㆍSlide Note Guidelines

    - We provide a slide note function so that you can see the script in the PPT.
    - With a monitor installed on top of the speaker’s podium in the session room.
    - Speakers who want to use their personal laptops must inform the secretariat in advance and the speaker should test the laptop in advance in the session room to see if it works well during break time before the session room. (In this case, the slide note monitor is not available.


  • ㆍSubmission

    - You can submit it by mail to the secretariat. (
    - If you want to submit it on site, presenters must come to the Preview Room at least 1 hours before the session begins to submit their presentation materials.
    - Please notify the staffs in the preview room, if the slides contain any videos or sounds.


  • Poster (Printed) Presentation / Exhibition

    Poster Presentation / Exhibition will be in a printed poster format.
    All presenters should prepare their printed material and post it on-site.
    All display material must be prepared in advance: on-site printing will not be possible.


    Hall C [304+305+306]

    Presentation Schedule (Only for Presenter) Poster Presentation Time: 3 min. Presentation, 2 min. Q&A
    Exhibition Schedule November 09 (Thu.) – 11 (Sat.)
    Affixation All presenters are requested to affix and remove posters on the appropriate dates and time as indicated.
    November 09 (Thu.) 11:30-13:00
    Removal November 11 (Sat.) 08:30-10:30
  • ㆍPoster Size

    - Poster size should be 90cm x 150cm including the title page.
    - A single panel will be provided for each poster.


  • ㆍContents

    - The poster title, author(s)'s name(s) and affiliation(s) should appear at the top
    - Background
    - Methods
    - Results
    - Conclusion


  • ㆍRegulations

    - Posters should be legible by viewers from one meter away.
    - The message should be clear and understandable without an oral explanation.
    - Charts, drawings, and illustrations should be simple and more heavily drawn.
    - Posters should show the main content or main results of the paper.
    - Only adhesive tapes will be available to attach your poster to the panel (Tapes will be provided in the poster session area).
    - All presenters should remove their posters at removal time. If not, posters will be removed by staffs without notice and the organizing committee will not take any responsibility for any lost or damaged posters.