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Abstract Submission Deadline is July 01 Deadline date is based on Korean Standard Time

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Important Date


July 01, 2023


July 30, 2023


July 30, 2023

The Scientific Committee of ADS International Conference 2023 cordially invites you to submit abstracts. Abstracts should be submitted online via abstract submission system through the website no later than deadline. Submitted abstracts can be revised on the website during the abstract submission period. And submitted abstracts will be reviewed by the Scientific Program Committee. Please read the guidelines carefully before submitting your abstract.

Types & Structure

Abstracts should be of no more than 300 words abstract titles should not exceed 25 words.

Submitters can indicate whether they prefer an oral presentation or poster presentation, however the final decision will be taken by the ADS Scientific Committee.

The structure of the abstract is:
1. Introduction (Background & Aim)
2. Material & Methods (or Case study)
3. Results
4. Conclusions

Abstract Topics

Submitters can choose one of the following topics:

  • Dysphagia assessment
  • Dysphagia treatment
  • Neurogenic dysphagia : stroke, traumatic brain injury, Parkinson's disease, dementia, neuromuscular diseases
  • Non-neurogenic dysphagia : Head and neck cancers; dental, esophageal, or respiratory diseases
  • Pediatric dysphagia
  • Swallowing physiology
  • Nutrition and dysphagia diet
  • Comprehensive care of swallowing problem

Presentation Type

- Oral Presentation         - Poster Presentation          - Either
* Authors may choose their presentation preference. However, the Scientific Committee will make the final decision after review.


• I understand that if this abstract is accepted, ADS will hold the copyright.
• The Abstract Submitter warrants and represents that he/she is the sole owner or has the rights of all the information and content ('Content') provided to the 1st ADS International Conference 2023 (Hereafter: “The Organizers‘). The publication of the abstract does not infringe any third-party rights including, but not limited to, intellectual property rights.
• I understand and confirm that if this abstract is accepted, the organizers have legitimate interest to publication (e.g. Congress website, program, other promotions, etc.)
• I confirm that I previewed this abstract and that all information is correct. I accept that the content of this abstract cannot be modified or corrected after final submission and I am aware that it will be published exactly as submitted.
• In case of unsuccessfully applying for oral presentation I will accept a poster presentation.
• I affirm that if this abstract is accepted for Poster or Oral presentation, at least one of the authors will register for ADS International Conference 2023, by the given deadline (July 30 (Sun)).
• For experimental clinical studies and animal studies, I certify that the study has been approved by an appropriate Institutional Research Board/Research Ethics Committee.
• This abstract contains work that is original and has not been previously published in a journal.
• I herewith confirm that the presenting author should be notified about the status of the abstract. He/she will be responsible for informing the other authors about the status of the abstract
• The Organizers reserve the right to remove from any publication an abstract which does not comply with the above.