Sponsorship Application

Sponsorship Package - A type

Benefits Platinum Gold Silver Bronze
KRW 50,000,000  KRW 30,000,000 KRW 20,000,000 KRW 10,000,000
Exhibition Priority for Exhibition Booth Location 1st 2nd 3rd 4th
Exhibition Space 4 Booths 3 Booths 2 Booths 1 Booth
(1Booth = 3 * 2m)
Session Luncheon Symposium O X X X

Skill's Lab
(Marketing Lounge)

Pre-Conference Advertising Logo in e-newsletter O O O O
Logo on the main page of the website O O X X
Logo on the sub page of the website O O O O
Conference Advertising Name badge lanyard - logo printing O O O X
Promotional VIDEO
during the break (1min.)
(provided by sponsor)
3 times 2 times 1 time X
Insert promotional flyer in kit O O X X
Abstract Book advertisement 2 Page 1 Page X X
Print the logo on the Congress banner O O O O
Registration Social Event Free Registration 6명 4명 3명 2명
Gala Dinner Registration

Sponsorship Package - B type

Benefits KRW
Exhibition Exhibition Space
(1Booth = 3 * 2m)
KRW 5,000,000
Abstract Book AD 2 Page KRW 5,000,000
1 Page KRW 3,000,000